The Western Link aims to drive momentum and build awareness for improved connections between the Central West & Western Sydney.

We are a small group of businesses who believe that in bringing the communities of the Central Western NSW close to Sydney, we will Increase the economic capacity of the regions west of the Blue Mountains, expedite opportunities for people in Western Sydney, improve congestion and road safety, better connect and help our communities build greater, more meaningful and more fulfilling lives for decades to come.
Fresh Produce | Western Link, Connecting Sydney to Central West, NSW

Why Support Us?

The economic and productivity benefits of an improved connection between the two regions are highly significant. Businesses on both sides of the mountains will enjoy benefits such as lower transport costs and access to new markets.

In addition, greater connectivity and ease of access would open up tourism markets in the Central West, with the same benefits also shared by those in the transport sector.

And the Central West can act as a pressure relief valve for Sydney’s overcrowding issues and become an example of successful decentralisation in the region, taking full advantage of not just economic, manufacturing, social, and agri-tourism in regional NSW, but it’s beautiful and abundant space. 

What Do We Support?

We support an upgrade that will “…reduce congestion and provide safer, more efficient, and reliable journeys in, around and through the Blue Mountains.” (GWH Upgrade: May 2020) and the NSW 2040 Economic Blueprint aspirations for “Vibrant, Well Connected Cities” and “Productive, Vibrant Regions”.

We are driving awareness and urgency within our communities to ensure the momentum of delivering a solution delivering productivity, connectivity, and affordability for both Western Sydney and The Central West does not stall or lose steam.

The productivity, economic and social benefits of high-speed transport connections are well documented and highly significant as seen in the growth of regions such as Wollongong, Newcastle, Central Coast, and the Hunter – all regions served by 100km/hr Highways and efficient rail transport.

Safe, swift & efficient road connections coupled with improved rail transport between Australia’s 3rd biggest economy (Western Sydney) and NSW 3rd biggest economy (Western NSW) will be the catalyst for major development of the two areas and deliver jobs, freedom, hope, and equality to the people of these regions.

Improved connections are just the start to unlocking greater prospects and new opportunities that lie beyond the Great Dividing Range.

Agricultural Productivity | Western Link, Connecting Sydney to Central West, NSW

The Western Link. The way to a connected future.