About VITL


Who We Are

Vital Intermodal Transport Links (VITL) is a not for profit organisation with the aim of researching and promoting growth-enabling critical transport infrastructure in Australia.

We believe that without vital transport infrastructure, particularly roads, economic prosperity will be stifled.

The purpose of VITL is to communicate to the Australian government, and other bodies capable of developing and executing nation-building plans, of the virtue, necessity and practicality of constructing new arterial links to regional areas to facilitate economic prosperity, increase safety, alleviate pressure on transport systems in major cities and provide Australian citizens access to equitable and affordable living.

A visionary approach to transport infrastructure is absolutely essential. Australia faces ‘fork-in-the-road’ decisions as to whether we will take action and deliver critical transport infrastructure to aid growth.

Discover more about our current project ‘The Western Link’.

Company Purpose

The Object of the Company is to pursue the following purposes:
  1. to research and investigate new intermodal infrastructure links that will promote and enable economic prosperity, particularly in regional areas and alleviate pressure on major cities;
  2. to research and investigate various cost structures and financial models for investment in intermodal infrastructure links in Australia;
  3. to research and investigate funding of analysis and design projects focusing on intermodal infrastructure links in Australia;
  4. to research and investigate best practice of intermodal infrastructure links, development and management;
  5. to encourage the development of new transport links in Australia;
  6. to promote the necessity of new arterial roads to:
    (i) increase safety, reducing death and trauma and the associated financial burden;
    (ii) assist transport efficiency and reduce travel times to regional areas;
    (iii) allow easier and more efficient road access from regional areas to city markets;
    (Iv) open regional areas for both industry and housing due to lessened travel time between regions and cities, and
    (v) provide opportunity to the Australian people to access equitable and affordable living in regional areas;
  7. to promote the growth and enhancement of industry and tourism through improvement in Australia’s road and rail network;
  8. to raise public awareness and promote education in road infrastructure development in Australia, and
  9. to undertake and pursue all such other similar, related or compatible objects as may from time to time be considered appropriate by the Company.